“Generation Green Recycling is a first-class operation! I’ve worked with Generation Green Recycling and have never been disappointed with their service or results. They are always there to listen, and to help so we don’t have any issues. Generation Green Recycling is one supplier I never have to worry about. Great service is very important in today’s work environment!”

Brenda, Ohio Customer

“Generation Green Recycling and its representatives take customer service to a whole new level. When preparing this service in our facility, the Generation Green team listened to how we wanted this system to work and went the extra mile to make it happen. More importantly, after they were established in our facility, they followed up to ensure we were satisfied. They offer a great product and a great service, not only to industries but to the environment.”

Jeremy, Kentucky Customer

“As an ISO 14001 certified company, we have been using washable absorbents for quite a few years and recently changed to Generation Green Recycling from another supplier due to service issues. Generation Green has gone above and beyond expectations delivering product on very short notice when necessary. Now that we are on a regular pickup and delivery schedule, everything runs smoothly, and there is no doubt that additional service would be available if there was an emergency need.”

Mary Anne, Ohio Customer

“We take pride in continuing to find ways to reduce the negative impact that we have on our environment. GGR’s total green program eliminates 3 waste streams from our process by reusing the absorbent pads, recycling the oil, and reusing the containers for shipment.”

Ben, Arkansas Customer