Our Process
is Simple and Transparent

Generation Green Recycling provides a Vendor-Managed Inventory oil absorbent service, which gives more time and money back to you and your team and ensures a safer workspace. With our customer-centric, local service approach, you can trust us to keep your company running like a well-oiled machine. Going green and saving money should be simple and transparent, and we can help you get there with no contracts and no hidden fees.

Our Simple and Transparent Service Model

We service absorbent stations in-place, on-site and take care of all the details
so your team can continue working without disruption.

Step 1

Install/deliver stations of clean absorbents and empty 55-gallon poly drums for dirty absorbents.

Step 2

Pick up full, dirty drums of absorbents and replace with clean absorbent
drums on a flexible pick-up schedule to suit your facility.

Step 3

Weigh and calculate waste reduction from solid and liquid waste at your facility.

Step 4

Extract and recycle waste through our proprietary process.

Step 5

Clean, re-package, and deliver new absorbents back to your facility.

Step 6

Send waste reduction reports and billing information.

Absorbent Solutions

Because all sites are not the same, we customize our absorbent solutions to fit your company’s specific needs.

Absorbent Mats

Our absorbent mats are available in sizes ranging from 18”x18” to 3’x10’, are anti-skid, and will absorb up to 2 times their weight, making your facility safer and more efficient.

Absorbent Socks

Created from the same material as our absorbent mats, absorbent socks are encased in a durable nylon sleeve, available in 48”, and reusable up to 40+ times.

Absorbent Rags/Towels

We offer absorbent rag and towel service in addition to mats and socks, so your team is always prepared.

Spill Kit Example

Spill Kits

Checking off your OSHA requirements just got easier. Now you can add customized spill kits to your recyclable oil absorbent program! Our spill kits are an affordable and customizable addition for existing clients.

Generation Green Advantages

  • Our absorbent oil solutions will save you money.
  • We help you “GO GREEN” by keeping waste out of waterways and landfills.
  • We don’t have contracts of any kind.
  • Our process is simple and transparent.

  • Our true re-use recycling programs can help qualify your facility for ISO waste reduction credit.
  • We improve the overall safety of your operating facility.
  • Our absorbents materials simply work better and look professional, too.